I had the idea for this site at "Auntie Jan's" (Schindele/Sarfo) memorial service. We were standing in Sharon (Cunningham) Surrena's kitchen, going through boxes of Auntie's old photos - laughing, crying and trying to figure out who was who. The memories only continued at the memorial when each of us shared a memory of Auntie, and I wished that every member of our family could have been there. This idea festered until I decided to create this "Family Reunion on the Web" to keep this wonderful, but wide-spread family in touch.

Please feel free to email (or "snail mail") me with any photos, thoughts, poems, family updates, clippings (where's Mernie when you need her?), memories, EVEN movies, that I can put up on the site. I will do my best to put items up as soon as I can, so that we can all keep up on each other's comings and goings.

I have started with links of as many of us as I know about, and will keep adding as soon as I get anything from you. Just send a paragraph in an email and I will post it.

Also, I will gather important dates, birthdays, announcements, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, so that even though we are so very spread apart, we can all feel like the close family we used to be.

Please forward this site to all family and extended family members, as I only have a few addresses.

With Much Love,
Jan (Janny K.) "Shaffer" Gates
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